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A walk downtown

17 October 2011

A man pedals a becak, a three-wheeled rickshaw, in downtown Bandung. I rode in one of these in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but I have not yet ridden in one here. Below are three becak waiting for customers. The driver is often seen napping inside the passenger compartment while he waits for someone to hire him.

Below is a street near the center of Bandung, a city of 2.4 million in a metropolitan area of 7.6 million (data). I went downtown to have a walk around and get a feel for the area. It doesn’t really feel like the center. It’s busy and the shops are open and full of goods, but it didn’t seem all that different from other parts of the city. This is a block away from Jalan Asia Africa, which is a wider street with more car and motorbike traffic. In the photo this street might look quiet, but I had to watch carefully when I stepped off the sidewalk to make sure I didn’t get run over.

Also visited today: The main train station (I got a printed schedule so I can plan my escapes) and the main post office (kantor pos).

I got bad news about my apartment today: I cannot move in until Nov. 7. This is a big disappointment because I have been living in a hotel for three weeks already, and Nov. 7 is three weeks from now. I am really eager to get out of the hotel (it’s actually a very nice hotel and I have a good rate, but I am living in one room and all my stuff is still in suitcases).

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