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At the shopping mall

1 October 2011

Istana Plaza mall: Food court

Asian cities are full of shopping malls, and Bandung is no exception. I always like to explore the food court, where I can watch teenagers and families hanging out. This is in the Istana Plaza mall, quite close to my hotel.

I bought a gift at one shop and had it wrapped at a different shop. Paper, ribbon and artful wrapping service: $1.48 U.S. I love it!

Lovely gift wrapping, bargain price

(Photos shot with my new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.)

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  1. Peg Achterman permalink
    1 October 2011 9:57 pm

    Loving your photos and thoughts. The camera on that phone is pretty impressive.

  2. 1 October 2011 11:06 pm

    Thanks, Peg! I’m finding it a bit of a challenge to get used to the Android phone. I love my old iPhone but it’s locked, so I can’t use it here.

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