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Introduction to the world’s fourth largest country

22 July 2011

This month the U.S. TV news program PBS NewsHour broadcast a series of reports from Indonesia. This video is an excellent introduction to modern Indonesia for Americans who do not know much about the country:

Indonesia on the Rise: Is It a Model for New Democracies? (9 min. 16 sec.)

There are three other video reports in the series:

  1. Soaring Food Costs Hit Indonesian Families’ Budgets (8 min. 7 sec.)
  2. Indonesia’s Mentally Ill Face Neglect, Mistreatment (9 min. 47 sec.)
  3. Indonesian Plant Shows Promise for Male Birth Control (6 min. 45 sec.)

You can also see a summary of the series and a video interview with reporter Ray Suarez.

Text stories in the series from PBS NewsHour (some by Suarez and others by reporter Cat Wise):

  1. Jakarta Gridlock Creates a Public Health Nightmare
  2. New Indonesia Law: Allow Breastfeeding, or Face Punishment
  3. Reporter’s Notebook: Indonesia’s Grand Goals, and Vulnerability
  4. Indonesians Looking for Improvement at Home, Watching U.S. Closely
  5. Reporter’s Notebook: Indonesia’s Mentally Ill, Caged and Bound
  6. High Food Prices Hit Small Indonesian Town Hard

I’m really pleased that PBS produced this series about Indonesia!

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