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Study in the U.S. for Indonesian students

21 July 2011

This is a brain dump from our pre-departure orientation meeting in Washington last week.

Study in the U.S.: When students or parents in Indonesia (or anywhere, really) want information about how to go to university in the U.S., send them to this website.

This site from the U.S. government explains the processes of testing, application, and admission to U.S. schools — as well as various sources for funding to help students cover the costs. Start here.

These programs in particular might be helpful to Indonesian students:

  • Global Undergraduate Exchange: In Indonesia, this is administered by AMINEF. See details.
  • Indonesia English Language Study: Indonesians travel to the U.S. to study English. IELSP is open to third-year and fourth-year undergraduate students from any university in Indonesia.
  • Community College Initiative: Students in the following fields are eligible to study in the U.S. under this program: agriculture, applied engineering, business management and administration, allied health care, information technology, media, and tourism and hospitality management.
  • English ACCESS Micro Scholarship: This two-year program is managed by CCE Indonesia. It makes the study of English accessible to Indonesian 15- to 18-year-old high school and vocational school students who come from families of low socio-economic status. They will study in Indonesia.

It is good for Americans in Indonesia to promote opportunities for Indonesians to study in our country, and there are a lot of financial aid opportunities — because it is understood that the costs are prohibitive to the average Indonesian family.

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