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Big events coming up

23 April 2011

Indonesia will play host to the annual East Asian World Economic Forum (WEF) in Jakarta, June 12 – 13, 2011 (see story in The Jakarta Post and the WEF website).

The nation is also the site of the 18th ASEAN Summit — also to be held in Jakarta — May 7 – 8, 2011 (see the Summit website and an Antara News item).

I was rather confused because I saw references as well to the ASEAN Summit on Nov. 17 – 18, 2011, and the East Asia Summit on Nov. 19, 2011. These are to take place in Bali. President Obama indicated he would attend the East Asia Summit in November 2011.

In any case, it seems that Indonesia is moving into a leadership position.

I came across these events because I was looking into the Comprehensive Partnership between the U.S. and Indonesia. I learned that the expansion of Fulbright programs in Indonesia is one result of the Comprehensive Partnership agreement.

I also found the full text of a speech President Obama made in Jakarta in November 2010.

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